Nobel International School Algarve in Portugal boarding facilities uncertain for 2021-22

Nobel International School Algarve has arrived at the difficult decision to cease the operation of the current Nobel Algarve Boarding House at the end of this academic year (2020-2021). Unfortunately, they were unable to attain the licencing to build a purpose-built boarding house on the school property as originally intended. The decision was not an easy one but given the current circumstances and operational costs, the school was left with no alternative.  Nobel Algarve will operate the Boarding House from the current building as usual until the end of June 2021.

Nobel Algarve’s management is making every effort to source an alternative solution/location to secure theur current boarding students services but at this moment there is nothing concrete in place. The existing boarding students have already been advised so that alternative arrangements can be looked into and make sure that all of students continue with their academic paths as planned without disruption.

What does this mean for you, potential students?  

It means that Nobel Algarve will not be accepting any new boarding students until we have secured an alternative location and know what numbers we can accept and what we are able to offer. The summer school has also been cancelled for 2021 and the relaunching of the programme will depend on the new location.

Please note there are still a few places for the second semester 2020-2021 available for boarding students. They will be handled on a first-come-first-served basis.

Please see more on the Nobel International School Algarve in Portugal page on this web site, or write to StudyWesternEurope EU < click for e-mail

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