Aip Internships 2020, Valencia, Spain

Combine your internship with a Spanish course. Language skills in an everyday professional environment, that is the magic formula if you want to improve your linguistic abilities, intensify your intercultural skills and simultaneously gain new work experience. Besides, by having the courage to go abroad you show initiative, which employers like.

Since Spanish is the third most spoken language by native speakers in the world (after Mandarin and Hindi), it is the perfect language to learn to speak fluently in reference to your future career. By practising the language while doing your internship in a Spanish firm, you do not only increase your language skills, you also learn to adapt to new ways of working in an international context and a new culture. This is not only a personal enrichment but also a great asset which the best head-hunters look for.

A full array of services, including Spanish Courses in Valencia

Basically, AIP is responsible for your successful experience in Spain. We do not only select the right company for you but if you want, we can organize your transfer from the airport and your lodging in Valencia with carefully chosen families or student apartments to reinforce your full immersion into Spanish culture. We will also offer you Spanish courses in Valencia in our own Spanish language school during the first two weeks (minimum) of your stay in Valencia. 

Internship opportunity + Spanish course in Valencia

Attending Spanish Courses in Valencia plus an internship opportunity in a company in Valencia offers you the possibility to improve certain key skills needed in working life, such as language skills, understanding of cultures or cooperation skills.

The selected companies choose the participants with the profile they need for periods from two to six months through an agreement created for this purpose. The daily schedule of the internships will vary depending on the necessities of each company (from 20 to 40 hours per week) and it is not mandatory for them to give you any remuneration.

You will not only reinforce your knowledge of Spanish, but you will also get to know the Spanish business culture and will acquire intercultural soft skills, which will be very valuable in your future personal and professional development.

Here you will find some examples of internship fields offered through our internship program:

  • Architecture
  • Export & Intl. Business
  • Education
  • Volunteering and social services
  • Hotel & Hospitality
  • Marketing & Advertising PR
  • Journalism
  • Transport, trade & shipping logistics
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Design (Graphic, Interior)
  • Human resources

Participant requirements in our Internship Program & Language Courses in Valencia

As a participant you have to:

  • be younger than 30 years old;
  • have full health and liability insurance during your stay in Spain;
  • send us a letter from your host institution (university, school, etc.), conforming your student status if you are from a non-European Union country

Finally, you should have an open and social character, and should adapt to the profile the collaborating company requires. In exchange, you will enhance your knowledge of Spanish, get to know the Spanish business culture and acquire useful intercultural soft skills, which will be very valuable for your personal and professional development.

Internship Program Fees in our Language School in Spain (2020)

€ 350* Internship program fee (The price for non-European applicants is € 545)

50% discount if you book more than 4 weeks of Spanish lessons.

We remind you that you have to pay a € 75 deposit to start internship research. The first payment can be made via our registration form and deducted from the final payment to be made on the day of your arrival in Valencia.

In the event that we are unable to find an internship that interests you, we are committed to the total return of the deposit.

This price includes:

  • Enrolment fee and pre-departure assistance in arranging your application and assistance including any necessary visa procedure or LEONARDO/ERASMUS application.
  • Selection of the collaborating company according to your needs.
  • Processing of the necessary agreements of the internship with the collaborating companies within the legal framework in Spain.
  • Assistance and support throughout your placement. AIP will be the link between you and the company in order to solve doubts and problems as quickly as possible.
  • Your appropriate preparation for the internship and monitoring of your progress.
  • Orientation packs once you are here, including tourist and city information, transportation and communication details, etc.

Language Schools in Spain – Extras:

  • A minimum of one week intensive Spanish courses in Valencia is required, 20 lessons per week. A course of one week costs € 220. You should have obtained a high intermediate level of Spanish (Level B1, fluent in a normal conversation) by the end of your academic period in our Spanish language school in Spain.
  • Accommodation (optional) with host families with half board starts is € 210 for the first week. We also offer apartments, starting at € 155 per week.
  • You have to have a full health and liability insurance plan. If necessary, we can provide you one for € 35/month.

Please, remember that the internship provided is an oportunity for your professional development. It is considered as a training period and it is officially unpaid so you should have a balanced economical situation to cover all the costs of transport, food and lodging during your stay in Spain.

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