High School Study Abroad in Germany


Studying at a High School in Germany - 2 to 11 months. Every year more than 100 exchange students from all over the world attend a high school in Germany with GLS. GLS in Berlin is an international high school exchange organization. 

Day Schools & host family in Berlin, Bayreuth, Bremen for 2, 3, 4, 5 or 11 months 14 - 18 years. From 3.590 € 2020 - 2021

GLS won´t place you "anywhere" in Germany - with GLS you can go to school in really cool and metropolitan places: in Berlin, Bremen or Bayreuth. You can even select the city that you like. The advantages of day schools are that they are less pricey than boarding schools and you can also do short stays of 2 or 3 months.

The requirements: Age between 14 – 18 and German on level A2. If you don´t have that level yet, join our preparatory German courses in Berlin

Boarding Schools in Germany

You can also attend a boarding school in Germany with GLS. Boarding schools are more expensive than day schools, and usually they expect a minimum stay of one year.

Berlin - Insel Scharfenberg (state boarding school) fantastic location on beautiful island in Berlin
minimum age: 16, intermediate German (B1) price upon request 

Berlin - Villa Elisabeth Private boarding school (horsebackriding, golf, sailing)
Minimum age: 13, German on upper intermediate level:
26,450 € for one year; 14.650 € for 5 months, 2020 - 2021. Included: tuition, boarding, full board. Not included: extracurricular activities, books

Brandenburg - Stift Neuzelle Private boarding school in former monastery, focus on Music & Art
Minimum age: 13, German on intermediate level:
34,900 € for one year; 18.950 € for 1 semester 2020 - 2021

Cologne International School, fully accredited IB World School, teaching in German and English
Minimum age 15, English or German on level B2
43.850 € per year 2020-2021 Incl.: admission fee, registration and visa service, tuition, full boarding in shared room, 24/7 supervision, liability and health insurance, Orientation Weekend at GLS campus Berlin, transfer to Cologne. Not incl.: special extracurricular activities, class trips, personal needs, deposit

Landheim Schondorf - International School, situated in the idyllic foothills of the Alps directly on the west bank of lake Ammersee and includes 27 buildings and a private dock on the lake
Minimum age 14, German on level B2
41.260 € per year, 21.800 € for 1 semester 2020 - 2021 . Incl.: tuition, boarding, full board, 2 weekly German lessons in a small group. Not incl.: extracurricular activities, books, pocket money, advance for expenses

Castle Crassenstein, West Germany, inmidst beautiful countryside and next to Wadersloh, a small town with 10.000 inhabitants. Performing arts, Music, Horsebackriding, Sailing, Skiing ...
Minimum age 14, German on level B1
30.850 € per year; 15.850 € per semester 2020-2021. Incl.: tuition, boarding, full board, 2 weekly German lessons in a small group. Not incl.: extracurricular activities, books, pocket money, advance for expenses

Free Starter Weekend in Berlin

Your high school adventure will start in Berlin - explore Berlin together with exchange students from all over the world. Your German high school adventure will start in Berlin with 3 days in February or September - with a starter weekend on the GLS campus, at no extra cost - included in the price. You will meet other exchange students from all over the world, together you´ll explore BERLIN and learn more about Germany and German schools! 3 days at NO cost!

Transfer included: If you don´t go to a high school in Berlin, but e.g. in Bremen oder Bayreuth, we´ll take care of your subsequent transfer to your host family or boarding school.

Prep courses German from 1740 € per month 2020-2021

Most schools demand German on level A2 as a minimum, some expect B1 or even C1. No problem if you don´t have the required level yet. Just do a preparatory course at the GLS German Language School in Berlin.

Prep courses are taught in 4-week-units, with 20 weekly lessons in mini groups (max. 6 future high school students). Start is on every first Monday of the month and can last between 1 – 5 months. The duration depending on your level of German. The price includes accommodation in a host family, single room, full board. Not included: public transport, insurance.

Requirements for the German high school programmes: German on level A2 (online Test). If your level is lower, just join our preparatory German classes in Berlin 

Application: 3 to 4 months prior to arrival in Germany

Visa: Not necessary, if you are a EU citizen. If you need a visa, we send the invitation you need in order to apply for it. We make sure that you get all the necessary documents that the German embassy in your country wants.

Abitur: If you want to do the Abitur - the German high school leaving certificate, that allows you to study in Germany -, you will have to spend at least the final 2 school years prior to the final Abitur exams in Germany (class 11 and 12). 

Please note: As soon as you apply you need to pay a deposit of 500 €, so we can start the placement process!

See our regular German Language School (GLS) Berlin, Germany

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