IH Dublin High School Programme and Guardianship Service in Ireland


International House Dublin in Ireland organises and supervises your High School Programme from start to finish. We enjoy a good relationship with many of the country's top high schools and endeavour to find a school that most suits your specific abilities and interests. Our guardianship service provides all the support high school students need to benefit from their time abroad.

An academic semester or year in Ireland provides students with an invaluable opportunity for personal development, increasing cultural knowledge and awareness, and gaining confidence in using another language. The High School Programme is open to students aged 12 – 18 years who wish to study in an Irish High School in Dublin or elsewhere in Ireland, and is available at a wide variety of private and state schools throughout the country. The Irish educational system offers a broad range of academic subjects in science, technology and the arts.

A student can choose to study in an Irish High School for:

Full Academic Year: from September to June

1 term: from September to December or from January to March

2 terms: from September to March or from January to June

We are now offering shorter high school immersion programmes for 12 weeks from beginning of September or beginning of January for students who wish to experience life in an Irish High School but for a shorter time.

The IH Dublin High School Programme includes:

School visit and tour for parents plus liaison with school and teachers. Therefore a careful selection of a suitable school, with full-board accommodation - host family or boarding and regular social and cultural outings in Dublin area. Of course we offer 24 hour emergency contact. 

We pay regular visits to studentsand make regular reports to parents. We help with purchasing school books and uniforms and the processing of documents as required for validation.

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Academic Year 2021/2022

State / Public High School  EU students only
ge Fees including refundable contingency funds

€ 13,100 Full Academic Year September to May
€   7,600 for Winter Term: September to December
€   8,200 for the Spring Term: January to Easter

Price on application for the Summer Term: Easter to June
Price on application for 2 Terms: September to Easter or January to June
Non-refundable deposit upon acceptance of your place : € 2,000. Remaining balance due 4 weeks before arrival in Ireland.

*Books and uniform costs will be deducted from Contingency Fund. Please bear in mind that the cost can vary between schools and form. Transport to and from the school, is not included in the price above

Private High School Package Fees Academic Year 2021/2022
Private high school fees depend on the school requested. Please find below guideline fees for private boarding schools and private day schools with host family accommodation. 

From € 17,000 to € 32,450 Full Year September to June Private Schools 

Standard State School Programme (EU Applicants only)
1st, 2nd, 3rd & 5th Year; The School Year is Divided into Three Terms:
Autumn: August – December; Winter: January – March and Summer: March – May

IH Dublin work in partnership with over 50 state schools all over Ireland. Our partner schools have been selected very carefully based on their record of academic achievement and their enthusiasm for accepting international students and their understanding of the process for our international students. The schools we work with feel that they too benefit as much from the cultural exchange as the guest students. We take great care to regulate the number of students in any one school to ensure maximum integration. Schools are normally located in smaller communities outside the bigger cities. Students live with a local Host Family within easy access of the school and are encouraged to become fully involved in the social life of the school and local community.
*School List on Application

The State School Programme includes:

  • Registration
  • School & Host Family Placement
  • Full guardianship
  • Host Family accommodation for length of programme, including two half-terms (Oct & Feb). Christmas & Easter Holidays not included.
  • First Arrival & Final Departure Transfers

Private School Programme  (Full Academic Year Applicants Only)
Boarding is a great option for students. The benefits are that students become an integrated part of the school community and the settling-in process tends to be faster than students who choose to stay with a host family.

We arrange Host Family accommodation for exit weekends (charged extra) & half-term breaks (included). Boarding schools offer smaller class sizes, supervised homework and an extensivechoice of organised sports and extra-curricular activities. This option is open to all students aged from 11-18. Prep-school is available to students aged 11-13 and allows students to begin studying in Ireland from the last year of primary education onwards.