Universities in Europe

With a long history of pioneering higher education, Europe is home to many of the world’s oldest and most prestigious universities – and many of the most exciting and attractive student cities. European countries, and their universities, are of course all very different – in terms of language, lifestyle, living costs and so on. However, under the Bologna Process, European universities are working to standardize degree systems. And for EU students, choosing to study in Europe outside your home country should be relatively straightforward, with tuition fees charged at local rates.

If you’re looking for the top universities in Europe, you could start by checking the QS World University Rankings. Consult the 2012/13 edition, and you’ll see the highest ranking European universities are all in the UK – the University of Cambridge (ranked 2nd in the world), UCL (4th), University of Oxford (5th) and Imperial College London (6th).

A further 14 UK universities make the world’s top 100. However, it’s certainly not true to say that all of the top universities in Europe are in the UK. Other highly prestigious European universities include Switzerland’s ETH Zurich (13th) and Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (29); France’s ENS Paris (34) and Ecole Polytechnique ParisTech (41); Denmark’s University of Copenhagen (51); Germany’s Technische Universität München (53)... You get the idea!

The Netherlands, Ireland, Sweden, Finland and Belgium all also have universities ranked within the world’s top 100. Extend this to the world’s top 250 universities, and Norway, Russia, Austria, Spain and Italy join the list. So there’s plenty of choice if you want to study in Europe at an internationally renowned university.

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