Film Academy of Miroslav Ondříček in Písek Czech Republic


The Film Academy of Miroslav Ondricek in Pisek (FAMO) is an independent private film school, which offers the possibility to study Film Art in a beautiful, inspiring and traditionally cultural town Písek, situated in the region of South Bohemia, Czech Republic. FAMO in Písek educates and trains students to a professional level with specialisations in Screenwriting and Directing, Cinematography, Sound, Editing, Production and Animation. 

Písek was officially established as a royal city in the beginning of the 13th century. It has the oldest bridge (Písek Stone Bridge) in the Czech Republic and the second oldest in the whole central European region. Písek is quite easily reachable from Prague (the capital city of the Czech Republic). It takes approximately 1,5 hour to get here by car ot by bus from the capital. South Bohemia is a very popular filming location. The landscape offers beautiful countryside, historic castles and certainly has its charm. Therefore, come here a lot of foreign film crews. 

Teachers at IFS:

  • Are professional artists and active filmmakers
  • Bring many professional, creative, ethical and artistic impulses
  • Meet and cooperate with students in a narrow professional and personal relationship


FAMO does not have its own dormitory. However it is not difficult to find private accommodation in Písek and we are ready to help you with it. Single rooms in flats are being rented for about 3.500 – 5.000 CZK / month. A three-room flat (two rooms and kitchen) usually costs about 10.000 CZK / month.

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Study at the Film Academy of Miroslav Ondříček 2021/2022

The programme aims to equip graduates with a high level of technical competence and craft skills as well as to develop their creative skills to the highest artistic level possible. The Academy provides convenient environment where students can gain an understanding of underlying aesthetic principles of filmmaking and teaches to apply, to explore, to experiment and even to challenge those principles in the real world.

Hands-on experience and team-work are both given a strong emphasis throughout the study programme. Therefore, the course includes ongoing practical exercises with focus on specific skills such as studio lighting, camera work or editing techniques.

Aim of the studies is to:

  • Forward professional knowledge and cultural outlook
  • Deepen aesthetics and dramatic feeling
  • Prepare the students for praxis

Within the IFS (International Film Studies) programme we offer:

Certificate / Diploma Film Course (1 or 2 semesters) 2021/22 prices

The one-semester course serves as an introduction to the basics of all important disciplines of filmmaking. The course focuses on theory and simple practical excercises. The final project is called The Meeting, where students learn to apply the gained knowledge in order to develop the ability to express a simple story visually in an understandable way.

Certificate Film Course: Tuition fee: 5.500 EUR / semester (total price: 5.500 EUR)
Length of studies: Fall semester; Languague of instruction: English

Diploma Film Course: Tuition fee: 5.500 EUR / semester (total price: 11.000 EUR)
Length of studies: Fall semester + Spring semester; Languague of instruction: English

Bachelor of Arts Degree Programme (6 semesters) 2021/22 prices

During the three years of study, students focus predominantly on the following disciplines: Screenwriting, Directing, Set Design, Production, Cinematography, Sound and Editing and Animation. This is in order to gain an overview and broad understanding of Film and Television Production.

Subjects offered include Journalism, Storyboard creation, Film History, Film Music, Work with Actors, as well as various workshops. At the end of each semester, students work in crews to create a short film which aims to develop an idea from concept to final product using their acquired technical and creative skills.  Our student's films regularly receive international awards at film festivals across the globe.

Length of studies: 3 years, 6 semesters; Language of instruction: English
Tuition fee: 5.500 / semester (total price: 33.000 EUR)