AIP Spanish Language Institute, Valencia, Spain


AIP Language Institute is a Spanish language school in Valencia which gives you the opportunity to learn the Spanish language and culture while discovering the charm of an ancient city on the Mediterranean coast of Spain.

We offer Spanish language courses for all levels with tailor-made teaching materials to meet everyone’s personal needs. Also, we organize plenty of cultural and entertainment activities such as trips, exhibitions, language exchanges, food tasting meals, etc. That way you can truly experience the Mediterranean lifestyle under the bright sun of Valencia in Spain.

With a surface of 850 square meters and 23 modern and well-equipped classrooms and a capacity for more than 150 students attending lessons simultaneously, AIP Spanish School is a great option to learn Spanish effectively in a comfortable and pleasant environment.

AIP Spanish language school is located in a very nice neighbourhood in the city of Valencia, just a 10-minute-walk away from two of the most important university campuses. This gives our students the opportunity to live in a young, lively and academic environment. It is also very close to the city centre (1,5 km) and to the beach (10-minute journey by tram).

We offer two types of accommodation in Valencia a host family or shared apartments with other international students from the school.In both cases, electricity, gas and water expenses are included. However, if you are planning to stay at a Student Residence, the school can assist you on which is the nearest one to our centre. If you are under legal age, you must stay with a host family.


Study at AIP Language Institute in Valencia

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AIP Language Institute is an official Instituto Cervantes Accredited Centre in order to teach students and prepare them to certify their knowledge in the Spanish language.

We will test your language skills through a placement test you have to fill in online after your registration and through an interview with the head of studies on your first day. Based on those results, you will be put into a group that corresponds with your level of Spanish.

Our Intensive Spanish Courses in Valencia (2022 prices)

Intensive Course (20h/Week)
This course consists of four Spanish lessons per day (20 hours a week) from Monday to Friday and is available for all levels: elementary (A1), intermediate (A2) , upper intermediate (B1) or advanced (B2 and C1).

€ 233 per week
(more weeks at a discount)

Intensive Dele Preparation (25h/Week) only starting from 4 weeks before DELE exam
DELE is the only official certificate for Spanish of the Spanish Department of Education in Spain and it is administered by Instituto Cervantes. It is internationally recognised and can be extremely useful for your future, if you want to start a career, get a better position within your company or if you intend to study at any Spanish institution or university.

€ 267 per week
(more weeks at a discount)

Superintensive/ + Dele/ + Business (25 lessons/Week)
The course consists of 20 lessons per week of standard Spanish that you associate with one of the following three options: 5 extra lessons of Spanish language per week, or 5 Spanish Business lessons per week, or 5 DELE preparation lessons per week

€ 280 per week
(more weeks at a discount)

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