Caxton College, Valencia, Spain


Caxton College is a mixed private school, situated in Valencia on the Mediterranean coast, which teaches the British curriculum and offers a complete education to students between 1 and 18 years of age.  It was founded in 1987 by the Gil-Marqués family, and provides Valencia with a School for both local and international children who want to study the British National Curriculum in a multicultural environment. The school has excellent educational and sporting facilities, all within our 45.000m2 grounds.

Caxton College also offers boarding facilities –with host families- which attracts students from all over the world, providing an excellent international environment also present at our summer camps.

The mixture of both the British and Spanish cultures as well as the presence of various languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Valencian…) help to develop and encourage the tolerance of other races, languages and beliefs whilst preparing our students for their future in a global setting.

The majority of students at Caxton College are of Spanish origin. However the proportion of international students who come here in order to follow the British curriculum is greater every year.

This allows our students to learn in an International environment where Spanish pupils study side by side with others from America, Bulgaria, Japan, Germany, England, Italy, Russia, France, Argentina, The Netherlands, Brazil, Australia, China…

Homemade Food & Dining Room

“We ensure, with healthy ingredients from the Mediterranean diet, that our children are offered all the nutrition needed for their growth”

With the goal of maintaining a quality diet, the school offers homemade food and a well prepared dining room available to all students. All the menus are revised and approved by the school doctor to ensure that the meals served are balanced and healthy, and also to the taste of the pupils.

Fruit is a staple of our menus five days a week in the cafeteria. We want our students to get used to eating fruit and it is given to them peeled, prepared and natural so as to be more appealing.

Study at Caxton College
(high school)
in Valencia, Spain 

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Caxton College teaches the British National Curriculum as well as “Language & Culture” elements of the Spanish Curriculum. It is our aim to give pupils the following: 

  • An excellent education, both academic and personal
  • Perfect fluency in English
  • A deep understanding of Spanish language and culture
  • Knowledge and respect for the Valencian culture and traditions

In addition to these academic goals, Caxton College aims to help its pupils develop personally, teaching them how to behave and treat others, both inside and out of the school environment. To achieve this goal, everyone follows our Good Relations Guide.

In addition, our curriculum also includes an education in personal values and citizenship, opening the door to other worlds by teaching tolerance of other cultures, faiths, languages and races. To add a practical element to this part of the curriculum, students take part in charity campaigns every year.

During the school day, Caxton Collage offers a full range of academic, leisure and sporting activities, taught by qualified professionals. These activities are optional and age group specific. They take place between September and June.

These are the types of activities parents and pupils can choose from:

  • Creativity; art, cartoon & comic, painting & sculpture and drama.
  • New Technologies: Robotics.
  • Maths Skills:  ALOHA Mental Arithmetic.
  • Sports: chess, basketball, football, tennis, paddle tennis, judo, karate, swimming, skaring, rhythmic gymnastics and multisports.  
  • Languages: Chinese, French, German, Valencian and Spanish as a second language.
  • Music & Dance: ballet, modern dance, zumba and musical education.

Tuition 2022-2023

€ 9,425 per Term Full Boarders Years 10 to 13 (three terms per year)

Many of the International students live here with their own families. We also have boarding students who live with host families during their stay.

Other Charges

  • Medical Insurance: For students from countries outside the European Union, it is compulsory to purchase the required medical insurance with a cost of around € 325 per annum.
  • Uniform: If the student needs to wear a uniform, it will cost approximately € 400.
  • Books are not included and must be purchased. They cost approximately € 400/year.
  • Extras: There may be other charges such as school trips, extracurricular activities etc.

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