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Learn Portuguese in Lisbon while enjoying a fabulous stay in one of the most beautiful countries of Europe. Our school has the best teachers to ensure the best Portuguese learning experience. With highly qualified native teachers and a helpful and committed team, get ready for a unique Portuguese learning approach and for an experience of a lifetime at Portuguese Connection, the Portuguese Language School.

Lisbon is a unique city where the Portuguese culture and traditions still live in our streets. This city has to be lived to be believed. No second hand account will suffice. The harmony of its shining light, the beautiful views admired while enjoying a glass of wine from a terrace bar on any of its seven hills, its traditional cafés around the famous squares, its food, the river and sea, and finally its people.

Don't understand Lisbon, experience it. Go to the old traditional neighborhoods; talk with the natives to the sound of fado coming from a bar or surrounding building. You should definitely eat the tasty delicacies that the city has to offer. Visit also the local markets and fishmongers to take in their sights, sounds and smells during the early morning bustle before wandering through the historic centre. Or just go to the beach - another great option on offer.

Learning Portuguese in our school is enriching, because our teaching method combines the classroom classes with cultural activities in order to gain a deeper understanding of the language through continuous contact with various aspects of the Portuguese society. We think that the most enjoyable way to learn Portuguese is living together and interacting with Portuguese people and exploring the fantastic things the city has to offer. Our main goal is providing a rapid and comprehensive learning process for our students, while striving to offer a fabulous and remarkable stay in Lisbon!!! Come and learn Portuguese with us, and experience something truly memorable!!!

A place to stay while learning Portuguese

One of our main concerns is the students' stay in Lisbon during their Portuguese course. Host Families are the most frequently chosen option. You get the chance to live with Portuguese families who are already experienced in welcoming foreign students. In fact, this is an excellent opportunity for you to improve your Portuguese speaking skills by spending time with your host family, getting to know our language, culture, gastronomy and traditions. A great Portuguese learning experience. Portuguese Connection Language School makes sure that your privacy will always be respected.

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Study at Portuguese Connection (2022 prices)

Our Teaching Method is very flexible, since we offer tailor made classes with the right approaches, in order to achieve the best results. In fact, we love what we do, and we are constantly worried about our students, because their well-being is our only choice.

Here at Portuguese Connection we have a wide range of courses and study modes available. Whether you’re after group classes, individual lessons, combined courses, intensive or extensive study, in-house course or online / at your place, we have them all. Naturally, in order to suit our student's needs, the Portuguese Connection Language School offers a variety of course levels, from absolute beginner to advanced.

Basic course 293 euro for 1 week (20 hours per week), more weeks give a discount!

Portuguese and extra’s

Surfing After Classes: Learning Portuguese and surfing in our beautiful beaches

What about taking full advantage of the lovely beaches in Lisbon by surfing its great waves? Portugal is considered to be one of the best countries in the world to surf, and this is an unquestionable fact. Each year, the small town of Nazaré, near Lisbon, witnesses the biggest wave of the world. The most famous surfers come all the way to experience this unique event.

One lesson only costs 30 €/each (1h30m)

Portuguese Language and Painting/Drawing Classes: Learn Portuguese and enjoy painting and drawing lessons

Lisbon is an incredibly photogenic city. Built on seven hills, facing the ocean, Lisbon marked countless artists with its unique atmosphere. Among them, the famous French writer Simone de Beauvoir managed to capture Lisbon’s character in a simple, but powerful sentence. For her, Lisbon should be described as "A southern city. A city at the same time burning and cool that contains in the horizon the promise of the sea and the salted wind sweeping the hills."

Price for one week 490 euro (including 20 hours Portuguese and 6 hours Painting)

Portuguese Language and Wine Course: Learn Portuguese and enjoy the fabulous Portuguese wines

Did you know that Portugal is one of the countries with the widest variety of wine grape in the world? Portugal has an extremely rich soil for wine producing and no one ever thought that such a small country could have so many different and exciting wine regions and terroirs. In 2014, Portuguese wine got the 1st, 3rd and 4th place in the top 10 ranking of the Wine Spectator Magazine, and Port wine is worldwide recognized as a fine wine of excellence.

Price for one week 490 euro (including 16 hours Portuguese and 12 hours Wine couse)

Staying with a family includes breakfast, bedroom linen and bathroom towel laundry.

From Sunday to Saturday (6 nights) - 155 EURO (Couple: 260 EURO).

Extra night: 25,00 EURO (Couple: 50 EURO).

Dinner available on request (15 EURO/day/person - not included in the price above).