Taronja School, Valencia, Spain


What kind of person do you feel you are? Would you sing really loud in the shower even if your neighbours could hear you? Would you like to win the first prize in a ‘most ridiculous hat’ tournament? When you see a cake, do you feel the urgent need to stick your finger in it?


If you’re reading this then today is your lucky day: You’ve found TARONJA, your soul mate! At TARONJA we all feel like kids, and we love to have fun. Are you ready to join us?

In 2004 Eva, Fernando and Maxi (childhood friends) decided to start a business that would be a reflection of them- selves: A very professional school that would be, at the same time, very fun, happy and a little crazy. After several years, TARONJA has become their passion, their life and their own daughter. That’s the way you’ll feel here, like at home, (or even better)! TARONJA is a place meant for young people, but we are NOT talking about age, we are talking about people that feel YOUNG IN SPIRIT! Do you have a soundtrack for every day of your life? When you go to bed at night, do you get excited about the new adventures that tomorrow will bring you? Do you feel like a kid or do you have an old soul?

The TARONJA Spanish School welcomes you and takes this opportunity to introduce itself and the special features of our young school which makes a difference in the field of Spanish learning. It is the best located Spanish school in Valencia as our school is located on a pedestrian street in the city centre, in a beautiful XIXth century building. It is surrounded by the cafés and restaurants.

Travelling abroad is always a great experience. That is why apart from the Spanish classes we offer you a complete variety of cultural and leisure activities to enjoy during the week. Trips, parties, dinners, concerts, museums and sports are an important part of our cultural programme. We guarantee you an incredible time, making the most of it.

Accommodation can be arranged by the school, please ask for prices.


Study Spanish at Taronja School 2022 prices

Intensive Spanish Course 20 + 5 Conversation activities 219 €/wk (discount with more weeks)

The course is designed for students wanting to learn Spanish and to combine language study with other activities that allow you to see the city surroundings and its famous beaches. The 4 skills will be worked on within a communicative environment. We guarantee a fast and effective learning of the Spanish language. The course consists of 20 lessons of Spanish + 5 didactic social activities per week.

Leisure & Cultural Courses (only available when taking a Spanish course)

Paddle Surf Course (1 session of 1hr 30mins with a monitor, 2 days paddle board rental 70 €):

Our course includes a session of 1.5 hr with a monitor and 2 sessions of board rental so that you can practice on your own and enjoy the sensation of gliding along the surface of the sea. A fun and special way of roaming the coast while gazing at the bottom of the sea.

Surf Course (Beginners 70 € for 2 lessons of 2 hours each)
Windsurf Course (Beginners 80
  for 2 lessons of 2 hours each)

In the morning you will be sitting your Spanish classes, and in the afternoon (approximately 2 to 3 times a week, depending on the wind), you will go to the beach to practice surfing. 

Sailing Course ( 70 € for 2 lessons of 2 hours each)

Every week in July and August in the afternoon according to availability. During the month of September check availability. The realization of the course depends mainly on the wind and weather. 

Salsa Course (45 € per individual lesson)

Would you like to learn the Salsa and the Bachata whilst doing a Spanish course? Valencia has a deep cultural connection with Hispano-America. This, together with the great love Valencian ́s harbour for dancing, makes Valencia one of the best European cities for learning the Salsa. Don ́t doubt it: this is your chance!

Spanish Guitar (200 € for 5 lessons):

The Flamenco guitar is a fusion between a Spanish guitar and mandora (or “morisca”, a kind of Arab guitar). Your teacher will also provide you with the guitar and guide you in this trip to the profound Spanish roots.

Art Course (75 € 6 lessons per 2 weeks):

This art course is given at a specialised art school, where you will have the opportunity to interact with Spanish students interested in art and painting. It’s a practical course designed to help you develop your personal and creative sides, going much further than merely imitating nature. Enjoy learning to use colours and different techniques in an institution with an unbeatable atmosphere, and amazing teachers. In the morning students will attend the 4 hour Spanish course and in the afternoon (twice a week) the Art course.

Booking Fee all Courses 39 €


Level test before arrival; Tutor support and pastoral care (if needed); Attendance Spanish Certificate issued at the end of the course; Free Internet and Wifi area.

Want to know more about our crazy school? Simply write an e-mail in English to StudyWesternEurope EU <- click for e-mail