NOBEL International School Algarve, Portugal


NOBEL International School Algarve, founded in 1972 by a group of local residents, is the largest private school in the south of Portugal. The school offers teaching at all levels, from Preschool through to Secondary. The school offers both a National Section (following the official Portuguese Ministry of Education programmes) and an International Section (following a modified English National Curriculum). 

Strategically located in the centre of the Algarve region between Porches and Lagoa, the NOBEL International School Algarve site occupies an area of more than 90,000 square metres. Its integrated school transport network allows the school to serve most of the Algarve. The school community originates from more than 30 different nationalities, resulting in a truly international atmosphere.

The catering department, with the support of a nutritional specialist, has established high levels of nutritional quality. Meals are balanced, varied and of high-quality, helping our students be both happy and healthy.

In boarding we aim to provide each child with an educational world where learning is central to all activities. This unique setting promotes common experience, camaraderie and trust between children and adults, giving our pupils the opportunity to develop as confident students and build life-long friendships. The health, safety and well-being of all our children are fundamental to all the adults who work in the school. We aim to ensure each child’s right to dignity, privacy, individuality and independence. Pupils are encouraged to learn to exercise a degree of freedom in a responsible way in order to stimulate behaviour traits of honesty, courtesy, co-operation and building positive relationships with each other.

NOBEL International School Algarve follows the Northern Hemisphere school calendar, with the school year beginning in September and ending in June of the following year. We want our pupils to succeed in education and to achieve everything they are capable of achieving. They come from all over the world and their eventual dispersal will be equally far-reaching. We are confident they will always carry with them the benefits of having been part of our supportive and international community. 

We look forward to meeting you at our school and hope you will consider joining our school!

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Study at the NOBEL
International School Algarve

Sadly the Nobel International School is re-assessing its boarding facilities, which will operate as usual until June 2021. For after that it is uncertain, but we will keep you informed here.

Portuguese as a foreign language, Information Technology, Physical Education and Music are taught by specialists to all students in every year from pre-school and developed in the years that follow. These subjects are an integral part of what the school offers for all ages. As well as diverse study visits, the school also organises sports activities with other schools around Portugal and exchanges with schools internationally.

Years 7, 8 and 9 form the Middle School. The core subjects are: English, Mathematics, Science and Portuguese, all being given important and equal weighting in the timetable. Other subjects studied are German, French, Geography, History, Art, Information Technology, Design Technology and Physical Education.

Years 10-12. In the final two years pupils prepare for Cambridge and Edexcel IGCSE examinations. The scheme currently is as follows: Compulsory subjects: English, Mathematics, Biology, Physical Education, Information Technology with options: Drama, History, Design Technology, French, Geography, Physics, Portuguese (IGCSE and A- Level), Art, Chemistry and Business Studies. A number of the pupils also study English Literature to IGCSE level. Pupils for whom English is a Second Language may sit a special IGCSE examination and, in addition, are encouraged to sit examinations in their mother-tongue where possible.

Years 12-13. In the English system students follow a two year course leading to University. Courses are academic and individual students choose according to ability and future vocational choices.
Advanced Level courses are available in a range of over 22 subjects. Students study 4 subjects at this stage. Applied ICT, Art and Design, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Design Technology, Economics, English Literature, French, Geography, History, Mathematics, Physical Education, Physics, Portuguese, Travel and Tourism, English Language, Law, Drama, Government & Politics and Music.

Throughout the year, NOBEL International School Algarve takes part in cross country, tennis, roller-blading, track, football and basketball competitions against local state schools, as well as against other international schools.

Fees (2020 - 2021 fees) € 255 registration fee
Tuition Fees
€ 11,148 Years 7, 8 and 9 tuition fee non-boarding
€ 23,000 Years 12 - 18 tuition fee including boarding EU-students
€ 25,000 Years 12 - 18 tuition fee including boarding non-EU-students
€   2,500 boarding security deposit

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Boarding fees include: Boarding facilities; All meals; Health Insurance; Transport (to and from the school, and all transport needs within the framework of Boarding House organised activities); Laundry; - Supervision; Personal assistance; Nursing services; Guardianship provision; 3 Return transfers from Faro airport

Boarding fees do not include: Lisbon Airport transfers € 300 each way; School materials  -Y8 (approx. € 50 per annum) -Y13 (approx. € 60 per annum)-School books  -Y8 -Y13 (approx. € 200 per annum); School uniform  approx. € 450 per annum); Examination Fees; Personal hygiene articles to be acquired locally (discretionally); Pocket money for personal expenses (discretionally); School day trips (approx. € 160 per annum); School promoted activities priced trip by trip & not compulsory. (Skiing trip, London trip, Outdoor trips, etc.)