Language Institutes in Europe (all English, unless otherwise stated)


Accent Français, French Language School, Montpelier

Accent Français (Montpellier, France) All Inclusive Junior Summer 2022 Pack


Academic Camp Germany 2021

German Language School (GLS) Berlin, Germany (Geman language classes, also summer camps and German high school programmes)

The language academy Alpha Aktiv, Heidelberg, Germany (German language classes, also English, French and Spanish language classes)

GoAcademy! Düsseldorf, Germany (German language classes, also English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish language classes)

Great Britain (United Kingdom)

See the British language schools here


Atlantic Language Galway (Dublin and Galway) Ireland

Cork English Academy, Cork City, Ireland

The International School of English, Dublin


Centro Studi Italiani, Urbania (PU) Italia (Italian Language Classes)

The Italian Academy, Syracuse, Sicily


inlingua 2020 Teen Camp, Sliema, Malta

NSTS English Language Institute, Valletta, Malta


Portuguese Connection, the Portuguese Language School, Lisbon, Portugal (Portuguese language classes)

Summer 2021 English Language Courses in the Algarve


AIP Spanish Language Institute, Valencia, Spain (Spanish Language Classes)

AIP Spanish 2020 Summer School for Teens in Valencia, Spain

Caxton College 2021 Summer Courses, Valencia, Spain (Spanish and English)

Enforex Spanish/English Language Summer Camps (Spanish and English)

Mallorca 2020 Watersports Camp

Taronja School, Valencia, Spain (Spanish language courses)


Academic Camp Switzerland 2021

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