Academic Camp Germany 2022


Academic Camp UK is coming with an exciting new location for summer 2022: Academic Camp Germany. Students will live and learn in the magnificent castle of a well-established private boarding school Schloss Heessen (in the town of Hamm, North Rhine-Westhpalia not far from Cologne, Dusseldorf and Bonn - former capital city of Germany).

From 2nd July to the 30th of July 2022 for two or four weeks students aged 12-17 will have the opportunity to spend a fantastic summer getting to know the charming beauties of Germany’s top sites. They will enjoy the buzz of the summer whilst participating in colourful activities, academic learning, sports and our unique certified leadership programme .

Students can choose to study subjects in English or German or do a combination of both.

This programme is an excellent opportunity for students to improve their academic and language skills, practice and improve English and/or German by studying their favourite academic subjects in one of the two languages.

We will run seminars during the camp for those students interested in studying at a university in Germany where many undergraduate courses are taught in English and German, we will run seminars about this during the summer camp.

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For more information, please contact StudyWesternEurope EU <- click for e-mail

Exploration Classes Age 12 to 14
Our Explorers study a range of academic subjects in classes of up to ten students. You will study English, applied mathematics, sciences, social studies and art with us. The medium of instruction is English or German and there are 30 hours of study a week.

Explorers learn valuable study skills to help them in their academic careers and are introduced to different ways of learning.  You can choose whether you wish to study subjects in English or German.

Engagement Classes Age 15 to 17
We offer Engagers a good range of academic subjects to choose from. You study in classes of up to ten students and there are 30 hours of study a week. You have four 60-minute lessons per day, attend leadership sessions and assemblies. You choose the subjects you want to study prior to arrival, and we write your individual timetable around these choices.

We offer the following subjects in English: •Applied mathematics • Art • Economics, business & entrepreneurship • English and Essay writing • Presentations & interviews • Science • Social studies • Theory of Knowledge (ToK) • World literature

And following subjects in German: • German linguistics - includes study of language, essay writing and presentation skills • STEM - science, technology, engineering and mathematics • Landeskunde - includes German cultural and social studies, history and economics

Be a Leader: Leisure fun with a difference...and a certificate
We want to give students an unforgettable summer bursting with fun, adventure and equipping them with skills that will stick with them for life. This is why Be a Leader is filled with unique and interesting trips, and fun-filled, challenging and thought provoking activities (waterskiing, mission impossible, kayaking, canoeing, mastercheff, apprentice, etc.). 

Whether you are a natural born leaders or prefer to support the team in the background we will develop skill set to help you reach your Personal Best. The cherry on the cake - students will receive an accredited CPD qualification to confirm their achievements.

Fees and booking terms for 2022: Price per week 1,500 EUR

Fees include 30 hours of tuition, teaching materials, accommodation, food, laundry, insurance, airport transfers (from Frankfurt and Dusseldorf), wifi, activities and trips.