IBAT College (Dublin), Ireland


IBAT College Dublin is a leading provider of third level education, run by professionals for professionals. IBAT College Dublin provides the perfect blend of high-quality education, state-of-the-at facilities and bustling student life to ensure a well-rounded education and offers students direct access to the methodologies and skills that employers value most. We pride ourselves on the diversity of our student population and the importance and worth of every student.

IBAT College gives students direct access to the methodologies and skills that employers value most. It is a community that takes great pride in the diversity of its student population and the importance and worth of every student. Designed to reflect the new mood and needs of Irish and international students – the college embraces fresh thinking, industry-relevant courses and flexible study options at affordable prices, to suit the needs of today’s student.

Highly regarded courses in finance, business, management, IT and design are given by an academic team with significant industry experience. They understand how education needs to adapt to meet the rate of change in business and technology and apply this thinking to their courses. This ‘real-world’ approach means you get the education you need to support your career and the skills to position yourself for success.

At IBAT College, we pride ourselves in how we guide, support and mentor our students throughout their college experience and into their working lives. Our smaller class sizes make for a more interactive and involving learning environment and allow the practical as well as academic side of course material to be fully explored.

Employers need graduates that can hit the ground running – our students enjoy some of the most applied course content and teaching techniques in the country. IBAT College has access to over 400 private enterprises, public organisations, and NGOs in Ireland, mainly small to medium sized indigenous businesses, but also multinational corporations.

Admission Requirements:

  • Leaving certificate for secondary school (FSE/Plus 1/Plus 2/Inter/GED High School) with two passes at O-level
  • An Honours degree for the MBA
  • IELTS 4.5 only with additional English classes at extra cost
  • IELTS 5.5
  • IELTS 6.5 for MBA

Application Deadlines: 2 months before commencement
Program Dates:  October, February, June

Study at IBAT College

2 years Higher Certificate in Business
3 years Bachelor of Business  
1 year Bachelor of Business with Honours
1 year MBA  

Working and Living in Ireland:
International Students in Ireland are required to have a Student Visa, which is issued for a duration of 1 year. During this year students study for 15 hours per week, and are allowed to work, part time for 20 hours per week during the academic year.

IBAT College’s Courses
For students who require a visa (whether issued in advance or upon arrival in Ireland) to study in Ireland, the following courses are aligned with visa regulations:

MBA Most globally accepted Masters qualification in the world.
Entry through qualifications and work experience. Most competitively values MBA on the market. It is academically rigorous, stimulating and practical.

Business Courses: Accredited by HETAC, the Higher Education and Training Awards Council, which is recognised by governments throughout the world. Level 6 (Higher Certificate), Level 7 (Ordinary Degree), Level 8 (Honours Degree). Designed to prepare graduates for the new economy, providing them with real-world, practical skills.

English Language: Courses to help you reach levels required for MBA and business courses.
-       General English at all levels
-       English for professional and academic purposes
-       Globally recognised qualifications
-       Flexible timetables

TUITION FEE for 2016
€  6,750 Higher Certificate in Business level 6     
€  6,750 Bachelor of Business level 7  
€  6,750 Bachelor of Business with Honours level 8        
€  9,850 MBA                                                          
* the tuition fee DOES NOT include the visa fee

Accommodation fee
Shared accommodation minimum per month € 140

Visa Requirements
Proof of sustainability, at least € 7,000 in bank account.
Please note, you need to submit bank statement 6 months prior to application!!
Please note, you need to prove to the institute you can afford to study for the whole study period, so all tuition fee and living expenses added together!
Housing confirmation
IELTS certificate (minimum IELTS 5)
Medical insurance (available at IBAT for €130/year)