Hungarian Study Visa System


Information on a Hungarian “D5 student Visa”

Documents needed for a Hungarian student visa:

  • Visa application form (you can download it from the internet at /Consular/Visa/appl_form.htm (click on the resident visa) or you can get it from the Hungarian Embassy or through the mediation of the CSE representative)
  • Passport (must be valid for at least 18 months, but preferably valid until the end of your studies.)
  • Three passport-size photographs
  • Acceptance Letter from the university/college in English and in Hungarian
  • (transit visa if needed)
  • Bank receipt of transfer of tuition fee payment or a Payment Certificate from the university
  • Visa fee (equivalent to ca. USD 50)
  • The Embassy may ask for your airplane reservation or fare ticket and for a proof of accommodation (about accommodation the university can provide you with a temporary address, always consult your representative on this.)

Student Visa Procedures

Your representative
In most cases the representative will be able to assist you with visa procedures and the necessary documents (see below). In case of any doubt please refer to him/her.

Please arrange a valid passport in advance and it is essential that you indicate the details of the same passport on the application form, which you will take to Hungary.

University admission proof
Students accepted to any of the universities in Hungary will receive an official Letter of Acceptance from the university in English and in Hungarian. After receiving the Letter of Acceptance, please arrange your payment.

Visa application
You are asked to hand in your visa-application form (downloadable, see below) to the Hungarian Embassy or Consulate in your country as soon as possible. If there is no embassy or consulate where you live, you can hand it in to a Hungarian honorary consul. You can find the list of the embassies and consulates on the following web site: