Eindhoven University of Technology (Eindhoven) Netherlands


Studying at TU/e (Eindhoven University of Technology) is study at a Dutch top university. A university with a unique Bachelor College and its own Graduate School .

High ranking
That’s evident from the high position of our university in national and international rankings:
In the Times Higher Educational World University Rankings of 2010 Eindhoven University of Technology was ranked 114, best of all Dutch universities.

Our university is considered the best Dutch engineering and science university by the Study Guide to Universities 2012. In Elsevier Best Studies 2011 students vote TU/e’s Bachelor and Master of Mechanical Engineering the best in the Netherlands.

The ranking of the CWTS (The Center for Science and Technology Studies, Leiden University) assesses the research of universities according to the publications on which universities and companies have collaborated. Eindhoven University of Technology is, together with Wageningen University and University Twente among others, in the top 50 overall. The ranking position depends on the quantity of public-private co-publications within a university’s entire publication package.

TU/e is a good choice
It is not only the high independent ranking positions that make TU/e a good place to study. Studying at Eindhoven University of Technology means that you choose a university with top quality education and internationally prominent research.

TU/e offers students various Bachelor and Master programs. We educate engineers whose scientific basis is solid and penetrative and who have an entrepreneurial attitude.

From design-based learning to self-study
We offer different kinds of approaches: inspiring lectures, small-scale instruction, supervised self-study and Design-Based Learning (DBL) during which you work in small teams on technology design assignments. You will have practical internships and do graduation projects in industry or government. As a TU/e student you not only gain thorough scientific knowledge but also learn to apply this knowledge in practice as well as develop social and communication skills. During your Bachelor program you also get the opportunity to cross over the borders of your own subject through the major-minor system.

Personal contact
TU/e is a medium-sized university with an open, friendly atmosphere where your studies are well supervised and where there is plenty of personal contact with lecturers and staff. Experienced TU/e coaches are by your side to offer personal advice from the very start of your study, from the moment you enroll at the Bachelor College when you and your coach look at the major that best suits you and how you can best supplement this with your electives. And if you should find out during your first year that a different major suits you better, then you can look at the options with your coach for switching major within this first year.

TU/e Bachelor College
Your future begins at TU/e in the Bachelor College, home to the university’s Bachelor's study programs. As a student of this Bachelor College you get plenty of scope to compose your own study on the basis of your interests and ambitions. Do you want to go deeper in a specific subject or would you rather explore the breadth by combining different subjects? Coaches and lecturers offer you support in whichever choice you make.

TU/e Graduate School
Post-Bachelor education at Eindhoven University of Technology is provided by the TU/e Graduate School: 15 graduate programs each focused on a specific field of research. A graduate program consists of one or more Master programs with the possibility to continue with a Technological Designer or PhD program in the same field.

Top technology region
TU/e lies in the top technology region of Brainport, the beating technological heart of the Netherlands. Relationships with high-tech companies and organizations in the region are many and good, and that bears fruit for you in your assignments, internships, graduation projects and work.

Eindhoven student city
Eindhoven is a modern, dynamic city that guarantees an enjoyable study period and varied student life. The vibrant spirit liveliness of Eindhoven along with the exuberant Brabant way of life will make you feel at home.

Study at the Eindhoven University of Technology

Undergraduate programs: Bachelor's programs

Several reasons to join our future of Automotive - The High Tech Automotive Region in the Netherlands - Unique approach – system thinking - Design...
Biomedical Engineering
Investigate, explore and develop new technologies to solve biomedical problems.
Architecture, Building and Planning
The undergraduate program gives you a clear inside in all disciplines like architecture, building technology, urbanism and management.
Electrical Engineering
Electrical Engineering plays a part in everything that involves electricity: information or energy. Like solar panels, lightning, audio.
Industrial Design
Our environment is mainly designed. Whether it's a bench in the park or your mobile phone with all the related services, design to a large extent...
Medical Sciences and Technology
Unravel biological processes in organs, tissues, cells and molecules of the human body. Combine this knowledge with the basics of technology.
Psychology & Technology
You learn how technology influences people, and how you can use knowledge of psychology to let people use technology as effectively as possible.
Chemical Engineering
Bachelor's Program: from the development of cleaner forms of energy to new molecules capable of administering a certain drug dose in your body and more.
Software Science
Could you imagine a life without software? If so, then Marjon de Hond could not forecast the weather. Now we never lose our way thanks to TomTom.
Sustainable Innovation
You study innovations from a technological, economic and societal perspective, to enable society at large to consume and produce in a sustainable way.
Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences
Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences is a study program in which you examine a business process from different perspectives.
Applied Physics
Understanding natural phenomena and translate this knowledge into new technology, that's the essence of Applied Physics.
Applied Mathematics
Without mathematics you couldn't use your cellphone, was your cash card not safe, were the products in shops not always availlable.
Web Science
Could you imagine a world without the Web? Always online is the reality of our daily lives. You do online shopping and look online whether it’s going to...
Mechanical Engineering
Is it your dream to develop, optimize and redesign products, materials and processes? The bachelor's program Mechanical Engineering is the way to go.

Master's programs
Applied Physicsvideo
Applied physicists turn physical phenomena into challenges, fascinating questions to investigate and analyze.
Architecture, Building and Planning
Human behavior is influenced by the built environment. Especially in a small country like the Netherlands, this environment is sustainably planned.
Automotive Technology
The master's program Automotive Technology offers a program based on a systems approach, providing multidisciplinary knowledge of today's high-tech automotive industry.
Biomedical Engineering
Technological research to improve healthcare. Apply maths, physics and chemistry to solve biomedical problems.
Business Information Systems
This program gives a solid foundation for designing and analyzing reliable information systems, with focus on computer science and industrial engineering.
Chemical Engineering
Master's program Chemical Engineering: You learn to come up with solutions for problems related to process and product technology.
Computer Science and Engineering
This program gives a broad view of computer science from both a scientific and engineering perspective, and provide ample opportunities for specialization.
Construction Management and Engineering
The Master programs Construction Management & Engineering (CME) is a joint international Master's degree program of the three Dutch Universities of...
Electrical Engineering
Electrical Engineering solves several problems in energy supply, communications, health care and environment.
Embedded Systems
This program emphasizes on design of efficient and reliable embedded systems, with focus on software and hardware perspective.
Human-Technology Interaction
Human-Technology Interaction applies knowledge from social sciences to problems related to the introduction of new technologies.
Industrial and Applied Mathematics
Mathematical models, advanced simulations, and sophisticated computer computations are increasingly used in the development of new technologies.
Industrial Design
Students in the Industrial Design Master’s program focus on intelligent products, systems and services in a societal context.
Innovation Management
The Innovation Management Master's program focuses on the issues of how to analyze, design and manage new product processes in technology-driven firms.
Innovation Sciences
While innovation is crucial for economic growth, sustainable development and welfare, many inspiring technological ideas never make it into society.
Mechanical Engineering
Study Mechanical Engineering in Europe, in Holland, at Eindhoven University of Technology and obtain a highly valued MSc in this broad discipline.
Medical Engineering
Do technological research to improve healthcare. Work in a clinical environment and focus on specific patients.
Operations Management & Logistics
Operations Management & Logistics comprises disciplines such as product development, quality management, logistics and human resource management.
Science and Technology of Nuclear Fusion
Nuclear fusion as a safe, clean and inexhaustible energy source, that's what this Master's degree program Science and Technology of Nuclear Fusion is all...
Sustainable Energy Technology
Study Sustainable Energy Technology in Europe, in Holland, at TU/e and obtain the highly valued MSc in this multidisciplinary field.
Systems and Control
Study Systems and Control in Europe, in Holland, at TU/e and obtain the highly valued MSc in this important discipline.